But Not Gone.

The Breezy 600
(AADL Catalog #W130)

Still available on the AADL program, the Breezy 600 is one of the most versatile A-Category wheelchairs available. Two options, Standard Frame or Hemi Frame allow for a seat-to-floor height range of 13" to 20.5". Other options/features:
  • Available in a blue or black frame.
  • Seat widths of 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 19" and 20".
  • Seat depths of 16" and 18" although 15" and 17" depths can be obtained through seat sling modification.
  • Seat to floor heights increase by 1/2" increments, giving the Breezy 600 15 different seat to floor heights.
  • Height adjustable back from 16" to 19".
  • Angle adjustable back.
  • Flip back height adjustable arms, full or desk length.
  • Single post height adjustable arms, full or desk length.
  • 60 and 70 degree legrests.
  • Articulating or elevating legrests.
  • Composite, aluminum or angle adjustable aluminum footplates.
  • Threaded offset axle or quick release axles.
  • High profile, low profile and pneumatic tires.
  • Composite, aluminum, plastic coated or oblique handrims.
  • Push or pull brakes with or without extensions.

Shoppers Home Health Care has 45 Breezy 600s in stock, ready for assessments.