Affordable Low Air Loss Mattress
    This micro low air loss surface utilizes 18 8” air cells that provide quiet pressure redistribution, prevention and treatment in stages I-IV pressure ulcers. The Salute DX alternates in a 3-1 ratio with the added benefit of “Happy Heel” (digital foot section softness adjustment). 8 electronic adjustable comfort settings are for both alternation and static modes.

  • $2995.00
  • 500 lb weight capacity
  • 36" x 80" x 10"
Maintenance Tips 
Manual Wheelchairs.

Ensure arm pads are plump and free from cracks or nicks.

Watch for tears or extreme sagging on upholstery.

Tires wear and when tread retreats, brakes require adjusting to remain in full contact with tire.

Front rigging should be easy to swing in/out.

Elevating leg rests should keep position.

Footplates should not flop down and heel loops should keep good form.

Seatbelt latch should be kept free of debris and easily adjusted.

Casters should roll easy.

Check handrims for nicks, tears or rough spots.

If quick release axles supplied, ensure they are easy to put into receiver and snap into place.

Clicking, grinding or pulling to one side indicates possible bearing concerns.

Back canes should not be loose.

Rigidizer or stroller bars should go on/off with ease.

Tilt cylinders/cables/gears should hold position and not slip.

Anti tip Rollers should be easily taken out or moved up/down.

Keep wheelchairs away from excessive moisture.

Do NOT add WD40 or any oil to any bearings or components.

Ensure proper tire pressure (written on sides of tires).

Avoid heavy totes/knapsacks on the back of the chair.

Next Month … Cleaning: Manual Wheelchairs